A message from our staff about how we are staying safe, and precautions with COVID-19.

     The Staff and all Elders residing at Bridgepointe at Ashgrove Woods remain safe, well and upbeat during the COVID-19 virus crisis. We are thankful for all the families and community members that have shown support to our community as we remain vigilant to all restrictions and mandates issued by Governor Beshear and the Centers for Disease Control.

      As such, we cannot allow any face to face visitations except for those residents that are receiving end of life care. All staff members are rigorously screened prior to entering the building by having temperature checked and are assessed for any signs or symptoms of infection. Once cleared, staff must sanitize hands and don a surgical mask which is worn the entire time they are in the Elders living quarters.

     Our Elders are remaining in their own apartments, unless accompanied by a staff member, to walk and exercise in order to maintain their strength and agility.

       Although we are accepting admissions, stringent rules issued by the CDC must be followed exactly before, during, and after any admission into our community to ensure the safety of all concerned. The health and safety of our Elders and staff remains our number one priority.

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