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5 Ways to Help Your Loved One Transition to Senior Living

Transition to Senior Living

Even when our lives change for the better, transition from one lifestyle to the next can be difficult. For those who could benefit from the support of assisted senior care or memory care, moving from their beloved home to a senior living community could be the hardest change they ever make. Although the move will positively impact their health and well-being, it could have a negative effect on their attitude, causing feelings of vulnerability and loss.

Overcoming Guilt: Managing Emotions When Your Loved One Needs Care

Overcoming Guilt: Managing Emotions When Your Loved One Needs Care

You always swore you would never put Mom in a home. However, the aging process has taken its toll on both of you, and she needs a level of care beyond what you can give on your own. You know that moving to a senior living community is in her best interests, but that doesn’t alleviate the emotional difficulties that accompany the idea. Despite the facts, you still feel guilty.

7 Benefits of Fresh Air & Sunshine: Forecasting a Healthy Senior Lifestyle

For many older adults, life’s circumstances make it difficult to get outside as much as they used to. Whether health conditions, mobility issues or lack of energy keeps seniors indoors, they’re missing out on the refreshing mental and physical health benefits of spending time in the fresh air and sunshine.